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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The One Min Convo is a series of short read blogs with creators of all disciplines from around the globe. Created to answer questions, connect groups and educate more on different industries globally.

Conversation #1 - TENEO - Hip Hop Artist, Atlanta, LA, US.

So first, I have to ask, how is life treating you?

Incredible man, treating me just as it needs to. Considering my life path, sometimes it can feel like the why me mentality. But every story in this journey that is written as is an epic, the homer odyssey, I feel like the worst part is over. It feels like I'm stepping into my blessings lately.

And what have you done recently in the music industry?

There's a lot happening behind the scenes. A few things I can't speak on, you know what I mean? But I just played in the desert. Been booked for a few festivals and shows, been networking behind the scenes and really just working on my discography, making new music, evolving and redefining the approach. I'm content with being myself the artist I am instead of climbing some nebulas ladder. In doing that, I realised that authenticity has a place in the music industry.

Where do you feel the future is headed for the music industry?

So, we're definitely in a reconstruction of the music industry right now.

Any industry is dependent more on the consumer than the distributor, and we are about to see that in full play. We are about to see the complete example now because the music industry before was built on A&R, tastemakers. The eye of the average listener, the ear of the average listener, is changing. It isn't the label that will give that to them. Just like every industry, it lives and breathes in current times.

Do you have any advice for a younger year old you?

Stay true, don't let the evil of the world distract you and turn you into what you aren't. You already know what you need to know.

What technology is most nostalgic for you?

The Walkman, no particular model in mind. Yeah, that's it. Sony Walkman.


Be sure to check his music, Teneo has phenomenal, somewhat out of this world wordplay, and his music reflects that in every way. Huge things are coming up from him as an artist, a massive thanks to him for taking the time to chat.

So where can you find TENEO for music, gigs and updates?

You can check his Instagram here:

Or alternatively Facebook here:


Next week another creative will be here to have a One Min Convo, but who? Come back to find out more!

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