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Conversation #6 - Nomad Neeks - OBV, Producer, Toronto, Canada.

Okay. The first question I have to ask you. How is life treating you? I see you have been going on many travels.

Yes, life is amazing. I have actually years in the making, specifically designed my lifestyle to look like this because I knew that I wanted a lifestyle where I could have work and travel freedom.

So about two and a half years ago, I started designing and thinking, how can I get that life? And now here I am today, and life is amazing. Traveling, working on a business that I enjoy doing. Yeah, all around, there are no complaints here.

What have you done recently as an OBM? And what exactly is an OBM?

Great question. So an OBM is an online business manager. So I am an OBM VA. So what an OBM does is an OEM will come into your business and manage your team and really manage the high-level overview of what your business is, and what your team is working on.

I also do the work, the high-level work as well, if it is needed more of a managerial role and coming into businesses, setting up systems processes and doing that high level overarching and sometimes overwhelming work and sometimes setting up systems around it, sometimes doing that work to take the workload off of the executive, the business owner, the entrepreneurs.

Where do you feel like the future is headed for the online business manager?

Yes, this is such an interesting question, and I feel like everyone will have different answers, which is again very interesting and amazing to hear all the answers. But I personally think that the future of business is online.

Of course, I think in the last few years, we've really seen that. I think the future of business is also freelancers coming into your business. I specialise in online business, so that is where really all of my attention lies.

I will focus more on online business in this answer. But I think freelancers coming into your business and doing the small tasks, the big tasks, whatever you need to get done that you just don't have the time for or that you don't enjoy is the future. Again, it's all about offloading work for the business owner so that they can do more of the productive work and enjoy more of their time.

Do you have any advice for a younger you?

Yes, I would say have a vision of what you want in life and that will always be ever changing. But start chasing after that vision how you want it at that point in your life. Now figure out the steps on how you could get there.

I would say start thinking critically about what it is that you want and start working towards that. I think that's something that education sometimes doesn't really teach you to think critically about where you want your life to go. I didn't want my life to go 40 years sitting behind an office, and that's why I moved to China, because I had that life, and I didn't want that life for the next 40 years.

China made me realise that I want a more nomadic lifestyle. So really have the vision, chase after it, and then just see what happens from there. But always be proactive in following and trying to attain your dreams.

What is your most nostalgic piece of technology?

So the Tamagotchi, I think, was like the first electronic device I ever had. And that thing was like my everything. That little pet on my screen.

I also think, and I think, a lot of people can relate to LimeWire. I never had Napster, but LimeWire was kind of like the generation for me. Good old Limewire.


Massive thanks to Nomad Neeks for taking the time to come and chat with me this week for this episode of The One Min Convo! So where can you go and see her jetting all over the world? Maybe soon she will be in the same city as you, managing business, trying food and showing how amazing the next country is on her quest across the globe!

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