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Conversation #5 - Just Bee - DJ, Producer, Hong Kong.

So first, I have to ask, how is life treating you?

Not too bad, thanks! I’m currently on summer holiday and planning a trip to the UK in July, trying not to think about the strict covid regulations in Hong Kong…

I know you have been a big part of the electronic music scene in HK for a while now. What have you been doing recently in the music industry?

I recently finished a sound design project for an animation by Florence Lee, it’s currently being shown at the M+ Cinema in Hong Kong. I DJed at three very different events in May – one at the Animato Audio shop, a Eurorack / modular synth shop with a properly tuned Funktion 1 sound system and fantastic lighting; one was a Rolling With The Waves x Wonton Bass junk boat party where we had two boats tied together; and the last one of the month was a really well-organised outdoor party by Xanadu with one of the best crowds I’ve ever played to.

Where do you think the future is headed for the woman DJs in the Drum and Bass sector of the music industry?

I think that with more collectives like EQ50 and Dynamics Music creating and holding space for women by women, we’ll be able to move further and faster within the heavily male-saturated industry without feeling like there’s limited space for us. As more female producers are released on prominent labels and DJs perform at big festivals, younger girls will have more role models as inspiration. Hopefully, with all the action women and allies are now taking to pave the way, future artists will encounter fewer gender-related obstacles if they decide to go for a career in Drum & Bass/bass music.

Do you have any advice for a younger you?

Sounds superficial but I wish someone taught me how to dress better hahaha. When it comes to DJing and music, I could have been less tough on myself and less of a perfectionist – I really was my own worst enemy.

What technology is most nostalgic for you?

Oh god hahaha Gameboy and Tamagotchis. I was properly addicted to Tamagotchis, I had like 6 of them and used to draw all the characters with character profiles.


A huge thanks to Just Bee for coming to have a chat with me for this episode of The One Min Conversation! You can hear her latest mix which she made for I made for UK-based collective EQ50 and this went live in early June (link: Keep your eyes open for when she comes to the UK, definitely a line of shows you wont want to miss!

So where can you find Just Bee?

You can find her via her website here:

Or alternatively, you can find her Instagram page here:


Next week another creative will be here to have a One Min Convo, but who? Come back to find out more!

The One Min Convo is a series of short-read blogs with creators of all disciplines from around the globe. Created to answer questions, connect groups and educate more on different industries globally.

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