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Updated: May 29, 2022

Conversation #2 - Guzi - Producer, Engineer, Brighton, UK.

So first, I have to ask, how is life treating you?

I moved into a new studio at the start of the year and have been super busy with the mastering business, which has been great as I like to keep busy. I am going to take a few days off from the mastering to re-decorate the space soon. As I am here so much, I want to make it a really nice and comfortable creative space.

I heard you just rebranded. What have you been doing recently in the music industry?

Besides the day-to-day mixing & mastering work, the rebrand has been a real priority for me this year. I have rolled several avenues of my business into one single brand so that I can ultimately provide more value to my customers and the artists releasing on the record label. Most of the effort on my end has gone into A&R for the label and making sure we have plenty of good music in the pipeline to release. I can’t take any credit for the branding and graphic design. Shout out to Toby (NeMedia) & Ollie (OMGraphics) for that!

Where do you feel the future is headed for the mastering sector in the music industry?

I see mastering underground dance music as almost separate from the commercial mastering industry. That side of the industry seems to be heavily influenced by the ‘standards’ set by streaming services such as Spotify, so the mastering is getting much quieter. There is also more fear in this sector surrounding AI / online mastering services because I guess the algorithm will be optimised for commercial/pop music. In terms of underground dance/drum & bass, I don’t think we will be affected as much by these factors because it is such a niche discipline. We do things very differently compared to commercial engineers.

Do you have any advice for a younger you?

To be myself and not give too much weight to the opinion of risk-averse people when deep down, I am an entrepreneur and always have been. If you want to be your own boss then you have to believe in yourself and take risks, which is generally against the grain of society.

One last question. What is your most nostalgic tech item?

100% the Gamecube.


Well, there it is folks!

Be sure to check out Guzi and his brand GZ Audio, and with all the things going on in Guzi's schedule, you will most certainly be missing out if you haven't got to know his music already. You can also get involved with him directly via way of audio mastering sessions or other services which can be found in the weblink below. Big thanks to Guzi for getting involved with The One Min convo this week!

So where can you find GUZI for music, services and shows?

You can check Guzi and the GZ Audio Website here:

Alternatively Instagram here:

Or alternatively Facebook here:


Next week another creative will be here to have a One Min Convo, but who? Come back to find out more!

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