So first, I have to ask, how is life treating you?

Yes, Chris, it's been a long time coming since we caught up properly and this is definitely not going to be a one-minute convo haha. (Throwback to the good old University days 10 Years ago when we were hosting Northbrook Student Radio aye?)

Life is swell though, thanks for asking. It’s chaotic and constantly on the go, but I love it….. could do with a couple more hours of sleep each night, but you can sleep when you’re dead, right? Jokes aside, things are popping off.

So far this year, I’ve released 3 EPs, and I’m juggling the idea of an album, but who knows what I decide to do. There are so many weird and wonderful sounds coming from the studio right now that I’m just rolling out the music and testing it wherever I’m playing. I’ve actually just moved my studio back down to Brighton, which I’m super excited about. It sort of feels like a full cycle and starting where I left off from Worthing, but at the same time, it’s also a fresh start!

What have you been doing recently in the music industry? I see a lot of music shows and mixes coming from you this summer!

I’ll give you some of the highlights..

In Easter, I was over in Jersey playing at Rojo’s Nightclub, that was special.…I have so much love for the heads over there ..they throw some big parties and always so hospitable. Shouts to Marx, Contagion, Gatehouse and the rest of the gang!

I performed at Formfest in Leicester which was incredible and Jungle Splash at Fire/Lightbox in the last couple weeks too.

I’ve also just launched a new event in Staines. It’s the area that I grew up but there has been literally no nightlife in the area, it’s dead in terms of clubbing. So I thought it was time to bring a bit of DnB culture to the town. I’ve been throwing little free parties at a bar/restaurant called the Vegan Pind every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the calendar month.

I’ve just done my third event there and each party has doubled in attendance - they’ve been popping off! It’s also really fun doing a solid 4 hour set and dropping everything and anything into the mix. I love the fact that Drum & Bass culture brings all folks together… the people that have been attending range from 18-50 years old, university students, to the local travellers, and all ethnicities thrown in there too - it’s really given Staines a well needed DnB stomping ground and all the heads have been pretty grateful for that.

Without saying too much more, my label Amusement Audio has got some some wicked new music on the way from myself and other artists. Plus I have a residency to announce, but we’ll save that for another time.

Where do you feel like the future is headed for producers in the music industry?

Interesting question… I think now that the UK is back on its feet after that horrendous Covid period, people are really making the most of life again, and everyone is back out and working together to make great music and throw incredible events. It’s amazing to see the music industry booming once again. I’ve definitely noticed a huge rise in the bootleg culture, too, and the DnB scene has really commercialised now, and I’m proud of that as it’s been a part of my life for the last 16 years.

A lot of established producers nowadays have become more independent with their own label imprint/brand as social media has made it far more accessible to create your own identity. I feel exclusivity has become less apparent, and it's nice to be able to work with different labels as well as your own. It’s almost like helping each other out with music and working together to support the brands in the scene.

Do you have any advice for a younger you trying to break into the music industry now?

Own your craft and have fun doing what you do. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of music and artists there are in the scene, but what you put in - you get out. As long as you pull your weight and get yourself out there, you’ll feel the reward.

I would advise my younger self not to purely rely on the production alone. You need to add more strings to that bow. I.e. investing in self-promotion, events, the label, networking etc. Anything to broaden your identity and what you’re about.

What technology is most nostalgic for you?

It’s got to be the good old-fashioned vinyl turntables. I miss playing on them so much, and they bring back so many memories of queueing up at Blackmarket Soho, Rarekind, and Banquet Records to get my hands on the latest tunes.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s great enhancing your DJ sets with the Pioneers, but every time (and it's very rare that) I pull out my vinyl box, I get such a thrill blending the music organically, by ear, and sifting through those classics gems and white labels. I’m glad that’s how I learned, and I hope any aspiring DJ out there learns the traditional method.


Massive thanks to Glitch City for taking the time to come and chat this week for this episode of The One Min Convo!

So, where can you find out more from Glitch City? When not playing shows or making tracks, you can find him in a city near you (possible glitch-like side effects may occur on meeting with him)! With so much in the pipeline and so many upcoming events, he will be a difficult one to miss. Want to find out more about Glitch City? You can find him at these links below.

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