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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Conversation #7 - DJ Tiara - DJ, Producer, Tokyo.

So first I have to ask, how is life treating you?

My life is great at the moment, I keep very busy and of course, despite ups and downs, I always try to make the best of it. I also feel very lucky as I finally met the person that I really desired to know better for a long time.

I see you doing so much in the music industry. One of the top 20 female DJs in Asia, but what have you done recently in the music industry? Anything you can share with us?

I am the owner of a small venue in Minato, a very hip and busy part of Tokyo. Setting up the club/bar kept me busy this year as well as I concentrated much on music productions during the pandemic when bookings were scarce.

Stay tuned for 2-3 upcoming releases in the next months on major labels, maybe you will notice a shift from big room/EDM to more Techno and darker sounds.

Where do you feel like the future is headed for the Japanese music industry?

Japan has a very unique music industry, mainly tailored for the Japanese market, it's not as influenced by western or US genres and artists. I sometimes wished it could be more open, but all in all, it is great. So many good artists and new DJ/producers in the circuit. I am hopeful for an even better Music industry in the future in Japan.

Do you have any advice for a younger you?

Always do your best, and never give up on your dreams. Level up in the real world and maybe I would have been better off now if I had realised earlier that in order to grow and to really achieve something great, you need to take risks and invest. But better late than never.

What technology is most nostalgic for you?

I still memorize the days when I walked in the mall or the park with my walkman and later Discman. Those were the days.

Also, I would say the Tamagochi is so nostalgic for me. if you guys still remember it?


Massive thanks to DJ Tiara for taking the time to come and chat with me this week, for this episode of The One Min Convo! So where can you go and see her play? When she isn't out of Japan touring, you can find her all over Tokyo! When she next comes to where you are at make sure to go and check her out, there's a reason she was voted the number 1 female DJ in the world in 2021.

Want to want to find more on this incredible DJ?

You can check her Spotify here:

Or alternatively, you can find her on Instagram here:


Next week another creative will be here to have a One Min Convo, but who? Come back to find out more!

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