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Conversation #10 - DJ AGRO - Drum and Bass DJ/ Producer, Brighton, UK.

So first, I have to ask, how is life treating you?

Life is treating me well for the most part. I have recently had some time away from the DJ game to focus on university, but from September, I’m back on the road with lots of bookings and events that I can’t wait to announce!

I know there's a lot going on behind the scenes, but what have you been up to recently in the music industry?

Recently I have been working hard on the studio, and I have three projects coming out before the end of the year!

One on Sub-liminal Recordings called ‘Digital Armshouse’, which features a remix of ‘Bad From Morning’ by Taxman, and the other two are with labels which I haven’t worked with before so keep your eyes peeled for those ;)

Where do you think the future is headed for Drum and Bass?

The future of the drum and bass industry seems to be very bright. The genre is always gaining more and more popularity which is generally good. My sound doesn’t necessarily reflect the commercial route that the genre is taking but what’s good for DNB is good for sub-liminal.

What would your advice be for a younger you?

My advice for the younger generation is to remain humble because there are always ups and down to everyone's career in this game!

Any piece of tech that's nostalgic for you?

The Roland Juno synth, I’ve always been a fan of the grime sound in which this synth played a massive role!


Agro - Bad From Morning Ft. Flowdan


And what's that? Agro is also giving away a free exclusive track as a part of a survey that's being hosted right here!

Not only this but two tickets will be given away for a Sub-liminal event when the survey reaches 100 people.

And there's more a free high-priced plug-in, AND a Sub-Liminal T-Shirt will also be given away if the survey reaches over 250 participants!


So, where can you find out more about Agro? When not making tracks with some of the best underground artists in the UK. You'll find him at events all over the UK! As captain of Sub-Liminal Record, you can be very sure that a lot of music is in the pipeline!

Thanks to Agro for taking the time to come and chat this week for this episode of The One Min Convo!

Want to find or hear more?

Check him out on Soundcloud here:

Alternatively, you can catch him here:


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