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Conversation #9 - BESKAR - Drum and Bass DJ/ Producer, Edinburgh, UK.

So first, I have to ask, how is life treating you?

Life is treating me great at the moment. The music stuff seems to finally be getting some traction which is amazing, but I'm also just in a good place in my personal life. I have a great new job, and I just got engaged last year, so I feel like I'm diving into my 30s head first.

And what have you been up to recently in the music industry? I see you working a lot with Guzi and GZ audio. This new funky trooper video is great!

Thanks so much, man I'm glad you like it. It was a lot of fun to make, and it turned out way better than I could have ever imagined. I've done a few videos in the past, but this one was the first one that lives up to the vision in my head.

Ye I've been working a lot with Guzi and GZ audio in general. Guzi was the first label owner to sign my music and give me a shot, so for that, I'll be eternally grateful. He also supports my music in a big way and is very open about how much he rates me, which coming from such an influential person in the scene means the absolute world.

This year has been crazy for releases, and it really feels like I'm starting to get somewhere in the scene.

Where do you feel like the future is headed for music producers in the music Industry?

To be honest, I'm really bad at the social media aspect of music, and that seems to be where it's heading, which is slightly worrying. So many producers and DJs have a massive presence on social, and it feels like they are getting a lot more attention. But for me, I make music because I enjoy doing it. Even if no one listens, I'd still make it for me.

So I try not to get bogged down by the social side of things. As far as where it's heading in the future, more and more producers are bringing out single after single rather than EPs or Albums due to the nature of streaming services, and I really don't see that changing. I'll do a bit of both as it just makes sense.

I do miss the days of a good 12-14 track album.

Do you have any advice for a younger you?

For a younger me, not really. Like I said I'm happy with where my music is heading and also what I've done in the past.

I'd maybe say learn the more technical aspect of production rather than just trying to make songs. It's not as fun and it's a steep learning curve, but once I really focused on trying to learn advanced production techniques and what my DAW can really do my productions came on leaps and bounds.

What technology is most nostalgic for you?

Erm, I dunno. VCRs? The PS1?

As far as music technology, I don't really have a lot of nostalgia. I used to use logic and then changed to Ableton a couple of years ago. I still use logic to record vocals though, so whenever I load it up it does give me a bit of nostalgia.

I actually just finished a Dubstep EP, which was very nostalgic. 09 Dubstep is what first made me try my hand at producing, so to go back to that old-school sound was a real blast from the past, a lot of fun.


So, we are just hoping this brought a little funk into your Tuesday morning!

And where can you find out more about Beskar? When not eating haggis in his local, you may from time to time hear him making bangers with our friends over at GZ audio! There is a hell of a lot to come your way from him, that's for sure! Massive thanks to Beskar for taking the time to come and chat for this week for this episode of The One Min Convo!

Want to find or hear more? Check him out on Soundcloud


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