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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Conversation #4 - DJ, Producer, Kent, UK.

So first I have to ask, how is life treating you?

Very well thanks, can’t complain! Summer is coming so looking forward to that, got some good bookings over the next few months and then Equinox Festival to round things off. Moved down to Kent a couple of years ago so I’m enjoying life on the coast and my daughter keeps me on my toes!

Looks like you have been up to a lot! Warhead remix and, I hear you are the man behind the Drum & Bass stage at Equinox Festival this year! Got anything else in the pipeline?

Yeah I’ve been keeping myself busy for sure.. I’ve got a new EP coming soon on the mighty Sub-Liminal Recordings which I’m really looking forward to getting out there, some of my best solo work to date in my opinion plus a collab with Agro, and features from some great vocalists so look out for that.. I’ve also got music coming soon on Nuusic, some new stuff with Chromatic and I’ve been working on new stuff with Miss Melody too, she’s got a great voice and I’m really looking forward to getting our new stuff out there. Last but not least I’ve finished some new tracks with Sakkura so hopefully, they’ll be out later this year too

After being in the Drum & Bass scene for a while now and racking up releases on some of the top labels such as Ram Records & Black Widow you must have some good memories of DJing, can you share your favourite with us?

Haha, that’s very polite, I’ve been in this scene for a long time! My memory is a bit hazy, to say the least, but there have definitely been some highlights and memorable events/parties over the years.. one that sticks out for me was getting to play at Global Gathering. It was a massive annual event and the biggest crowd at that point I’d ever played to, and getting to play some of my own tracks to a very appreciative crowd is something I’ll never forget. Something a bit more personal to me is the sets I’ve played at Equinox Festival. I’ve been there since its inception and to see it grow to what it is today has been amazing.

Do you have any advice for a younger you?

The main advice I’d give to myself would be that there’s no time limit on being a DJ/producer - I would constantly give myself deadlines and think to myself ‘if something hasn’t by such and such an age/time then I’ll knock it on the head, but in reality, it gets in your blood so just enjoy it and keep going.

What is your most nostalgic piece of tech?

I did previously use some hardware in my production but these days I’m pretty much 100% computer-based so I would say my most nostalgic piece of tech would be my Technics 1210s. They’re always set up at home and I still love mixing on vinyl - just not when I’m playing out! I bought them in 97 so they’ve definitely served me well.


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Massive thanks to RV for coming down to chat for this week of The One Min Convo! A name you will definitely be hearing about more this year. But that real question everybody is asking is, where can you find RV for music?

You can find RV on Soundcloud here:

Or alternatively, you can find his music on Spotify here:

Or you can see him play live at the Equinox Festiva this year!


Next week another creative will be here to have a One Min Convo, but who? Come back to find out more!

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