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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

End of the trilogy!

Teaming up with legendary Brighton music label Sub-Liminal Recordings and artist AGRO to bring the third final Future Music Survey.

Four tiers get are unlocked as more people participate in the survey, going from 0-100 and 100-250, with various prizes on offer, such as software, merchandise, event tickets and more!


Did I forget to mention? Everyone who participates also gets a prize! Including an exclusive track with DJ agro!

You can check our interview that has recently taken place with him here:


And what is even better? Share the survey and receive a second prize for free!

This survey has been created to help the music industry, so get involved!

The Future Music Survey #3 ends 26/8/2022

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*In addition to receiving a prize for participation, participants will also be added into a lucky dip to receive winning prizes based on tier at the end of the future music survey #2.

*Everyone who participates will be contacted by email no later than five working days to be sent their participation prize(s).

*Participants who share the survey should send a screenshot of sharing to sub-liminal recordings on Instagram in a private message, affixing the second prize they would like to receive an email address. A prize will be sent by email no later than five working days to the provided email address.

*No prizes can or will be exchanged for a cash value of any kind.

*Data will be used to help form ideas regarding the future of the music industry.

*This survey data is compliant with UWL data-sharing terms and conditions, and follows in the University of West London data sharing policies which can be found at
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