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Poll 1 - Forever Lasting Ear Buds

The results are in, out of the 70+ respondents from Poll 1, "Forever Lasting Ear Buds", an apparent split can be seen.

Where 51% of respondents (37 individuals) said they would not use this technology, 49% (36 individuals) said yes, they would.

More research is needed to validate a more accurate response; however, when the poll was being conducted, the percentile figures were neck and neck, with the former taking the lead ever so slightly.

No other data was taken in this poll, such as age, sex, or demographic the findings were created purely for future research purposes. I did not participate in the survey to not allow my own opinion to influence the result.

However, I believe that this type of product will become utilised in the future on a mass scale, showing my opinion to have some inherent bias towards the technology fundamentally.

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on Linkedin; I would like to thank everyone who got involved.

A much larger study with a far greater prize pool is to come, so please get involved!


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