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Free Software #3

Updated: May 9, 2022

Here we have Baby Audio and their lineup of free software! Including the Magic Dice, Magic Switch and the one I particularly like, the Baby Comeback (genius name, please give this creator a raise).

To start we have the Magic Dice which is a delay, reverb and modulation effect box that "generates random and dreamy wet-FX textures with every new click".

Next up is the Magic Switch a plugin that is Inspired by the classic 80's style chorus effect from the Roland Juno chorus pedal.

And lastly (and again what a brilliant name), here is the Baby Comeback. A free, simple delay that was "developed in collaboration between BABY Audio and Computer Music Magazine".

The Baby Comeback delay features an inbuilt ducker, no side-chaining required with this one folks!

Big thanks to Baby Audio for these free products, enabling musicians across the globe to create more!

With much more software to come in the future, make sure to return!


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