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A Sonic Frequency. A Surge. A Sound.

Today we have the Surge XT by Surge-Synthesizer, a free and open-source synthesizer described as a sound designer's dream. However, the Surge XT isn't only a synth, it's a community of users and members who create and can work together, share and get involved together in music.

There really are too many amazing things in this plugin to name them all; however, a few do really stand out. This includes the absolutely MASSIVE library that the synthesizer comes with, which hosts over 2000 patches and over 600 wavetables.

It doesn't stop here, either, so let's break this down...

  • 3 Oscillators with 12 oscillator algorithms

  • 2 filters that can self oscillate and have digital and analogue modes

  • 12 LFO units with almost every parameter available for modulation

  • 16 different effects with a whopping 27 effect algorithms

And we haven't even begun to scratch the surface...

Did we mention there is a dark mode?


Sometimes, words cannot describe the pure awe that is given when coming across products like this. And on this level, it's not even just a product but a community of people who come together to make something incredible. There is so much to dissect here and even more to discuss. However, the best advice that can be given is just to click the link, download and use it. I mean, it's not going to cost you anything!

Honestly, a huge thanks to Surge-Synthesizer and their community for making this all possible. Making a plugin of this quality is no small feat, but giving it away and making it accessible for all is something far more special. It's these kinds of efforts are that will allow musicians of all generations and backgrounds across the globe the opportunity to create without boundaries. It is highly appreciated and of the utmost importance!

We would love to hear what you create from these posts! So if you end up using any of the mentioned Free software. Please get in contact!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Working on all good platforms, Windows, Mac and even IOS.

(Please note, this plugin has not been verified as updated for macOS with an M1 processor; however, it is fully compatible and working with no problems in my testing.)

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This blog has been created for one purpose only, to help others create, focusing mainly on music and music software/technology; however other creative industries' software may appear occasionally.

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