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Push it to the limit! Duh duhhhh.....

Here today, we have Soft Limit by Apogee! A faithful emulation of the original hardware created in-house by esteemed Apogee. This limiter is known to have warm tape-like characteristics and can be used on just about anything.

Its UI hits a somewhat nostalgic feeling; the deep purple is highly reminiscent of the plugins of yesteryear. Other than this, Soft Limit has a relatively simple interface, showing precisely what is needed and when. Features included are a button for oversampling, dials for a drive, a soft limit, and a threshold. Besides this, a handy auto gain button is present if you wish to use it.


This item has been reduced from the price of 99£ to the grand price of 0£! And is wholeheartedly a worthwhile addition to your collection as apogee is a highly renowned software and hardware manufacturer.

Another short read here, but a huge thanks to Apogee for creating this Plugin and giving it away for free, making it accessible for all; these kinds of efforts are what will allow musicians of all generations and backgrounds across the globe the opportunity to create without boundaries. It is highly appreciated and of the utmost importance!

We would love to hear what you create from these posts! So if you end up using any of the mentioned Free software. Please get in contact!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Works on all good platforms, Windows and Mac (no mention has been made of if this works on the M1 processor; however, in testing, there was no problem with performance at all).

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With so much free software here to see, take a look today!

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