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Let's get creative!

As per every ten pieces of software found, a big package will try to be found when hitting a new 00 number. Who knows, maybe something even bigger when hitting that big 100!

So what do we have here?

This is a free suite of various instruments brought to you by Klang and by joe. Is there a lot to be said about this.


First, let us start with the first five instruments on offer here and a little brief of what each tool is.

  1. Toy Piano - A Lo-Fi style toy piano.

  2. Mod 20 - Simple bass, stylised like the Korg MS20.

  3. Awakening - Film music, sample instrument.

  4. Alto Glockenspiel - A mutated Piano.

  5. Guitar Harmonic - Guitar Harmonics, warm feelings.

Set 1 - ToyToy Piano, Mod 20, Awakening, Alto Glockenspiel, Guitar Harmonic


And it doesn't stop there, there are ANOTHER five free instruments that are on offer, and there's no way we can't discuss them! So here is what is on offer!

  1. Lost in Thought - Is that a part of a Juno I see there?

  2. Spiel Uher - Instant download. Just. Try. It.

  3. Bodega Strings - Halftime percussion, all the layers.

  4. Drown - Temporal. Floating, ocean,

  5. Bambu Bambu - Samba. Samba!

Set 2- Lost in Thought, Spiel Uher, Bodega Strings, Drown, Bambu Bambu


So this was a big one! 10 instruments and I'm sure many more will come, with Klang really being at the helm when giving musicians the means to be more, inspired, more inventive and inevitably create more!

So let's be clear, there's a lot to choose from and if history repeats itself, in no time at all it's pretty certain that Klang will be adding even more to this already extensive collection!

And yes we could go into explaining the finer nuance of each instrument, but the best advice here is to just say go and play with them for yourself!

So as always a massive thanks to Klang for creating this set of instruments and making i them free and accessible for all; these instruments are what will allow musicians of all generations and backgrounds across the globe the opportunity to create without boundaries. It is highly appreciated and of the utmost importance!

We would love to hear what you create from these posts! So if you end up using any of the mentioned Free software. please get in contact!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Working on all good platforms, Windows, Mac.

(Please note, this set of instruments works on various platforms such as Kontakt and or Ableton, with descriptions as varied on the hosted site)

(This is a non-affiliated non sponsored post)

(CCM Takes no responsibility for content hosted on external websites)

This blog has been created for one purpose only, to help others create, focusing mainly on music and music software/technology; however other creative industries' software may appear occasionally.

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