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Another little piece of inspiration...

Here we have something awesome! And it's totally thinking outside of the box! For this, I present you RP-Pan, a free piece of panning software by Rob Papen.

This 'experimental' panning software has a fantastic UI with its centre console primarily being that of the pan position.

The RP-Pan also has two other significant areas that hold features inside this plugin.

The left side has designations of destinations for modulation and a way of handling doppler effects. At the same time, the right side syncs tempo and can change phase and time (there's a great mode here for those lazy folk).


Like a few of the other panning software that has been given so far on this blog, this one has its unique element that makes it so much fun to use, and this coupled with its ability to decrease its inbuilt amount of the doppler effect or the volume decline of that effect make it a worthwhile plugin to have in your collection!

Big thanks to RP-Pan for creating this plugin and making it free and accessible for all; these instruments are what will allow musicians of all generations and backgrounds across the globe the opportunity to create without boundaries. It is highly appreciated and of the utmost importance!

We would love to hear what you create from these posts! So if you end up using any of the mentioned Free software. please get in contact!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Working on all good platforms, Windows, Mac and even IOS.

(Please note, this plugin has not been verified as updated for macOS with an M1 processor; however, it is fully compatible and working with no problems in my testing.)

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This blog has been created for one purpose only, to help others create, focusing mainly on music and music software/technology; however other creative industries' software may appear occasionally.

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