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This should be more than ample to lift you into the clouds.

Here today, we have the Ample Percussion Cloudrum. A fantastic instrument and this instrument doesn't just set your wallet free (but also your mind, with all that chillout meditation music you'll be making!).

This instrument is simple and that's all it needs to be, features include ADSR controls, volume, pan, synth and body controls, and to be honest that's all this instrument needs! Add the Valhalla Supermassive (Free Software 12) and you are good to go!


So let's travel to cloud9...

The sound of this instrument is truly incredible and for its price, we don't have any complaints, sure it could have extra features in the box, but really the most important thing for this kind of instrument is the ADSR, this allows for you to add whatever it is you like on the stack afterwards!

Big thanks to Ample Sound for making this instrument-free and accessible for all; these instruments are what will allow musicians of all generations and backgrounds across the globe the opportunity to create without boundaries. It is highly appreciated and of the utmost importance!

We would love to hear what you create from these posts! So if you end up using any of the mentioned Free software. please get in contact!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Working on all good platforms, Windows, Mac and even IOS.

(Please note, this plugin has not been verified as updated for macOS with an M1 processor; however, it is fully compatible and working with no problems in my testing.)

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This blog has been created for one purpose only, to help others create, focusing mainly on music and music software/technology; however other creative industries' software may appear occasionally.

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