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There's a hole in my bucket... But not in my pan.

Ok, ok. Let's pan this back around.

Here we have Panflow by Audio Modern, a free plugin that will allow you to pan audio in more creative ways than ever before!

Deemed as a modulating panner, this excellent creative tool has great flexibility and tons of features to boot. In fact, there are too many features. So here are some that are of note

  • Directly in the centre of the plugin, there is a randomise button for endless possibilities.

  • A tempo adjust control allows the temp of the panning to either be in sync or out of sync with the track that is being created.

  • User presets can be created and saved.

  • Any changeable parameter is midi controllable easily with just a click.

  • The grid user interface (UI) can be set to either snap to grid or freeform, allowing the creation of any L/R panning; this is combined with either Sine / Square or Triangle and allows for a staggering amount of versatility.


There are so many more settings inside the Panflow, and really it is something you shouldn't be missing out on in your collection (I mean, you really can't escape this one, it even comes free on IOS).

Big thanks to Audio Modern for making this Plugin accessible; these kinds of efforts are what will allow musicians of all generations and backgrounds the opportunity to create without boundaries. It is highly appreciated and of the utmost importance!

One final thing to say about Panflow is it comes in a pack of other free downloads given by Audio Modern (these may be touched upon in a later episode; however, for today, the UI of this one just really got me!)


If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Working on all good platforms, Windows, Mac and even IOS.

(Please note, this plugin has not been verified as updated for macOS with an M1 processor; however, it is fully compatible and working with no problems in my testing.)

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This blog has been created for one purpose only, to help others create, focusing mainly on music and music software/technology; however other creative industries' software may appear occasionally.

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