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This one is Wavey....

Here we have the Old Tape Drums! Brought to you via Wavesfactory. First off, for this being a freeware Kontakt instrument, it rivals many many paid for Kontakt instruments.

More than being aesthetically pleasing, Old Tape drums packs a ton of features! Wavesfactory on their site state features include

  • Tape hiss,

  • Tape speed

  • Cassette sound effects for play, stop, pause, rewind and fast forward

And much more!

In the newest version of this instrument (2.01), clicking effects at the bottom of the instrument, a whole host of other features become available with up to eight insertable effects straight away, like, chorus, reverb, compressors, delays and a whole host of other goodness.

Big thanks to Wavesfactory for making this wavey instrument totally free! Now go, go get em! You'll be making waves in no time.


(Please note, this instrument works only on the full version of Kontakt by Native Instruments. As of current, Kontakt has not been updated for macOS with an M1 processor; however, it is fully compatible and working with no problems in my testing.)

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