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Ok, this is a like OTT...

This neat little multiband compressor is simple. However, it oozes quality. Brought to you from the team that created the famed Serum synthesiser. The OTT here has one job, and it does that job fantastically.

Split into three bands (H/M/L); the OTT 's UI can display the amount of signal that is being squashed in real-time when. H/M/L also has the ability to remove the signal entirely from any of these three bands. However, these bands cannot be changed to a user input frequency; regardless a nice touch and highly useful if you want to remove just a sign band's frequencies from a specific track.

The four dials featured above the band response consist of depth, time, input gain and output gain, and although some may call this feature lacking compared to other multiband compressors. It can also be said that the OTT's clean practical design allows for a quicker workflow whilst not being too intensive on your CPU hardware.

If you want to get this great addition to your arsenal, click the link above! Many thanks to Xfer for making this accessible to all musicians and allowing more people to have the ability for creative freedom.

OTT is available today for all major operating systems, so whack it over the top and see what results you get!

(Please note, this plugin has not been updated for macOS with an M1 processor; however, it is fully compatible and working with no problems in my testing.)


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