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Updated: May 9, 2022

Wa wa wah?...

What is going on here? This is just another free plugin being brought to you by the folks over at WA Production.

Here is the MultiBender Lite, a delay plugin packing a ton of features. Three bands allow separation of frequency ranges on anything you can imagine, after this each band can have its own delay! Sounds amazing right, get some ping pong in the highs of that hat!

However, this isn't the only trick up the MultiBender Lite's sleeve, the MultiBender Lite also has the ability to detune or crush any of these bands at the same time!

Some other features from the site are as follows

  • 4-stage delay like you’ve never heard before

  • Click & pop-free bypass

  • Waveform graph for accurate visual feedback

And more!

Totally free and works with all major platforms, however as of 4/5/2022, this plugin does not have native M1 Arm support, although works perfectly through rosetta (if it is updated to run natively on Arm, this blog will be updated).

With no more delay and more free plugins, synths, samples and more to come a huge thanks to all of those at WA Production.


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