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Updated: May 9, 2022

Reverberations that ripple through the galaxy...

This is the Valhalla Super Massive, a shockingly amazing reverb and best of all free!

Featuring 14 different modes, each named after a constellation in the sky, such as

  • Cassiopeia: lush reverbs, mysterious repeating patterns, fast attack

  • Orion: Low echo density that can build to enormous reverbs

  • Andromeda: Slowest attack, very long decay, very high echo density

And many, many more,

This convolution-based reverb unit works perfectly on many instruments, vocals and more, with the recommendation to use it with sends or channel strips.

Totally free and works with all major platforms including Apple computers with the M1 (arm based technology)

With more free plugins, synths, samples and more to come a a super massive thanks to Valhalla DSP!


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