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Updated: May 9, 2022


For a while now, Plugin Boutique has been hosting various deals and offers to get musicians creating in new ways. However, this is a big one! A free synthesizer called Voltage Modular Nucleus. Created by Cherry Audio and hosted as a free download on the Plugin Boutique website, this is one that should be in your arsenal immediately!

As seen above, the Voltage Nucleus is a modular synth allowing endless creative possibilities (also a very good excuse to get into patch bay system learning).

The list of features include

  • 20+ Modules

  • Voltage Modular Software

  • Nucleus Presets (176 presets)

Recently upgraded to V2.5 and now working with the Apple M1 Chipset, this robust versatile synth is not only free but works on all major platforms!

Fostering the creativity of new upcoming musicians and seasoned alike is a huge reason this page even exists, thank you everyone for being a part of the journey! Only 90 plugins until we hit 100.

And with more free plugins, synths, samples and more tom come to a big thanks to Plugin Boutique and Cherry Audio!


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