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Updated: May 5, 2022

A World of Pure Imagination is a series of blogs looking at past and present technology, a blog to help inform and inspire.

The year is 2005; the CD is king, small devices known as MP3 players are still in their infancy, with many of these being big bulky beasts honing hard drives.

And while Mp3 Players were intuitive things, giving more accessibility to the everyday listener than a portable CD player (remember carrying a CD wallet, headphones, a CD walkman and batteries, this was a reality once upon a time...), they could still be expensive and costly devices.

But here, here, on the other hand, we have the simple, clean and fresh the iPod Shuffle (1st Generation), comes in various storage sizes from 512mb+. One thing that still holds true of this device is that its design language does not fit outside of the norms of what apple could design even 20 years on; it is simple, elegant, pocketable, and although not made of the more premium material choices that are seen today, it's a masterstroke of design engineering and miniaturisation of music technology for the early 2000s.


The Original iPod Shuffle 1GB model


So what does it do? What's inside?

A relatively simple device, the 512MB version of this device can hold up to 120* CD-quality songs as advertised on the box, with the 1GB version being announced to hold 240* CD-quality songs. (In testing, a more objective approach of 10MB per 3min song would deem that 51 songs would likely fit on the 512MB and 102 songs would fit on the 1GB, but you can't blame Apple for the marketing on this point, 120 songs will fit on to 512MB maybe even more couple fit inside this little beast.

In the box, various extra niceties are given to the purchaser (a lanyard, headphones and a CD, we don't see any of these things given to us anymore).

But how does it function, I hear you ask? With ultimate ease and simplicity.

Even though this iPod is known as the shuffle, it didn't just shuffle; it could play in a list, shuffle and loop a specific track via a switch on the back.

On the front more simplicity, volume up, volume down, play, pause, skip forward, skip back, a sign of the design of what was to come for the nano, perhaps?

One of the fantastic use cases for the Shuffle and a tremendous selling point and part of the marketing prowess for the device was the fact that you didn't know what was coming next; while true you may have put the music on the device, it was always exciting to hear what would come up next!


iPod 1st Gen Shuffle with lanyard


So what is coming up next? This new blog, "A WORLD OF PURE IMAGINATION", will be filled with various articles about nostalgic items for so many of us. With writings from, the tiny beings of flash memory to where they are now, iPods, Dumb Phones, Games, Consoles and much more!

Setting a stage for future questions, research, science, nostalgia and much more!

If you got this far in the blog, thank you for reading.


Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.


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