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Welcome to my blog.

A series of educational, scientific and media-related posts. 

Expect to see interviews, free software*, music, video and more!

*Please note free software may be finished by your time of viewership  


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For the first free piece of software on this blog, I present to you the

"Titanium 3 Basstard".

supported even on the new line of Mac Processors, the Titanium 3 is an EQ that contains a handy frequency knob that allows you to cut 20/30/60/100 Hz easily.

Simplicity of use was definitely the goal here and the plugin UI reflects this with its clean minimal look and silver sheen. 

More free plugins to come! Big thanks to Acustica Audio.

*Installation of the Acustica Audio client downloader is required

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There is currently a poll being taken place on my Linkedin

(11th-25th march 2022) 

In this poll, we discuss the utilisation of future technologies with the use of earbud-style headphones.

The question for this poll is: 

"If you could wear headphones (earbuds) on a constant basis that never needed to be charged, that allowed the blending of environment and sound perfectly would you?"

*Every entrant of every poll is automatically added to the prize pool!

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