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My name is Chris.

A musician, manager, scientist, businessman, events coordinator & philanthropic enthusiast of giving creative software to all in need in the hopes that another generation of creators makes that great new product. 

I have been awarded numerous times for my works, with my last being in 2018 for public events speaking in my previous position.

I have gone through various positions, meeting so many from different walks of life, making friends, and learning from mentors along the road.

This has taken me to over 30 countries, seeing, hearing, and trying more than I could have possibly imagined.

Today, I look to the future, with my eyes set on researching more of what surrounds the science of music technologies and their effects on human culture. 

So! Strap in, get ready and let's go!
This site will be filled with so many conversations with people I have met on these travels, free software, nostalgic technologies, research and more (so, um, check the blog?)! 

And if you want to get in touch, just scan the contact page!

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